Cannot start the reminder service error in Outlook

Take a real life situation where you access MS Outlook and all of a sudden you get error message saying,

“Cannot start the reminder service. Unable to show reminders”.

This error suggests that issues are related to MS Outlook Reminders. If this error appears alone, then problem can be sort out easily. But if you encounter this message in conjunction with another error,

“An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600”

Your problem is not that easy to sort out. Actually with these two errors, MS Outlook loses the ability to send and receive email messages.


If some kind of corruption prevails or there is damage in Outlook folders, Outlook fails to show the reminders. However, if you delete the reminders, you might be able to solve this issue. But if Outlook cannot perform email operations due to occurrence of second error, possibility is there that your PST file is damaged.


For cleaning the reminders items to get rid of this issue, follow the given steps:

  • Click Start and then Search or Find

  • Click ‘Files and Folders’, type ‘Outlook.exe’ in the named box and press ENTER

  • Note the full path of ‘Outlook.exe’ and close the box

  • Click ‘Start’ and then ‘Run’

  • Type the full path of ‘Outlook.exe’ (as noted above), press SPACEBAR, type ‘/’ (the forward slash) and then command-line switch ‘Cleanreminders’ to delete the reminders

With this, Outlook starts working as normal. In case it doesn’t and you are facing problems in email delivery and sending, that means there is serious issue with Outlook PST file. With an Outlook repair tool this problem too gets solved as there might be the issue of corruption in PST file.