Outlook PST repair

To stay updated with the latest technology, usually people upgrade to higher version of Windows OS. Being updated with latest version is nice but what if during Windows upgrading, PST file that contain all your email data get damaged or corrupt?

Many people seek help after Windows upgrade, as they lose their important email data stored in the PST file. Upgrading is not anyhow responsible for loss of email data, as successful upgrading always provide you with added benefits. Incomplete upgrading process can be the reason of PST corruption, as due to incomplete upgrade, operating system gets corrupt or damaged.

Just have a look at the symptoms that help you to determine that your PST file has got corrupt.

After Windows upgrade if you encounter any of the following error messages on opening Outlook, then it is for sure that your PST file is corrupt and you will need to perform Outlook PST repair:

  • “abc.pst cannot be opened,”

  • “Outlook cannot access the abc.pst file,”

  • “The abc file that you are trying to access is not an Outlook file”.

Well, let’s not discuss the problem anymore and move further to the solution, so that people, who are looking for help may find the right way to perform Outlook PST repair.

The first thing that can be done for dealing with this situation is using the backup copy of PST file for restoring email data. But discussing this solution is of no use because if backup is available, there will be no need for seeking further help.

Now to repair Outlook PST file, use Inbox repair tool, which is an inbuilt utility, which automatically gets installed with all Microsoft Outlook installation options. Since Inbox Repair utility is suitable to perform Outlook PST repair in cases of mild corruption situations, you may get disappointing results if your PST file is badly damaged or corrupt.

If Inbox Repair tool fails to solve your problem, don’t be upset, as every problem has a solution and PST file corruption is not at all an exception. Once Inbox Repair tool fails to perform successful Outlook PST repair, you can take help of an effective PST Repair tool.

Using this tool you can repair the corrupt PST file and recover all available email data from it. Once email items are recovered, you can save them to a PST file, which can further be accessed with MS Outlook.