At a point of time when you import items into Microsoft Office Outlook and you add the contact as a duplicate, or if duplicate detection is turned off, you will not get a chance to remove duplicate items after you import. Over here, we explain to you tips on deleting items after completing the import process. Follow the steps given below to delete duplicate items:

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When you try starting MS Outlook, you might receive the following errors:

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When you open any item in MS Outlook, like email message or folder or anything, you might receive a script error. But what is a script error? Let’s see:

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Moving mailboxes between Servers in the same site can result in disastrous consequences that might include loss of critical data. In order to ensure that you move mailboxes safely between Servers, follow the steps given below:

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Every item in MS Outlook 2000 possesses a unique identity. Each and every item gets stored up with a unique identifier. This particular unique identifier helps in identifying the item whenever there is a need to in numerous situations.

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