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Tape Recovery 

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Are you facing Tape data corruption?

• Getting messages like 'READ ERROR' or 'READ FAILURE'.

• Tape appears to be blank.

• Have been accidental or intentional damage to Tape

• Mishandling of the Tape

• Tapes have been affected by snapping or creasing, fire or flood.

• Mishandling of the Tape

• Overwriting or erased data from tape backup

The Tape Recovery is the solution to all the above mentioned errors or tape data corruptions. It provides competent Tape recovery from damaged or corrupted tape cartridges such as DLT, AIT, DAT, and LTO, thereby letting the user sit at ease.

Tape Recovery software is a renowned name in the field of Tape recovery solutions. It is capable of reducing the downtime to absolute minimum and provides with the best and time effective tape recovery ever. It performs thorough scanning of damaged tape cartridges for locating and restoring the corrupt or lost or inaccessible tape data.

Features of the Tape recovery software

• Accurately recovers tape data from corrupt and damaged tapes

• Recovers missing files(s) and folder(s)

• Provides recovery of data lost due to tape corruption

• Three quick and easy steps for tape recovery

• Supportive to DLT, AIT, DAT, LTO tape cartridges

• Live Update option to keep the software updated for any latest updates available

• Free Evaluation of the software before purchasing Full version.


Equppied with genuinelly simple interface and quite easy to working also.

• Just click on the Create Image or Load Image button.

• Select the tape drive, you want to recover.

• Save the recovered files.

So, you can see in three easy steps you are done with tape recovery. Evaluation version of Tape Recovery tool is available for free download, which creates tape image and shows you the files and folders found in the damaged tape. For saving the files and folders you need to buy the full version of the Tape Recovery Software.


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File Size : 0.99 MB